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The Nighthawk System just launched and people want to know what the software is all about and how it can help the make more money when trading binary options so I wanted to put together this Nighthawk System review and bonus site to clear things up a bit!

What Are Binary Options?

Binary basically means yes or no so when you invest in a binary option you are either saying ‘yes’ the option will be at a higher price than when you bought it at a specific time, or ‘no’ the option will be at a lower price than when you bought it at a specific time.

Times typically range from 30 seconds – 2 minutes on short trades but there are long term trades as well that last hours, days, or even years for long term investors.

There are various “options brokers” that allow you to invest (usually a minimum of $200) to trade options through their trading platform. Once invested, you can start trading and the market is open 24 hours a day unlike the standard stock market.

You can invest in things like gold and silver, currency pairs, and even corporation pairs like Google vs Apple.

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What Is The Nighthawk System Software?

Nighthawk System software helps binary options traders make more successful trades by providing hundreds or signals per day for FREE. The software is trained to look at a ton of factors that push options to move up or down, and when it spots a signal it will tell you what to trade, and how to trade to make you more profitable trades.

How Do We Make Money With Nighthawk System Software?

  1. Signal – The signal comes in from the software and tells you ‘call’ silver at 700.00
  2. Invest – You head to your options broker and place a $25 ‘call’ (say it will go up from current price) on silver at 700.00 with a 30 second expiry
  3. Profit – After 30 seconds silver closes at 700.01 and you make 70% profit on top of your investment of $25.

Is The Software Really Free?

The software is free but you will need to invest in one of the suggested brokers if you want to use the software and get the signals.

So, while the software is free you will need to spend $200+ to get started with the Nighthawk System depending on which options broker you choose to fund your account with.

Nighthawk System Bonus?

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